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Bolster your employer brand with a robust business page that puts your mission and values front-and-center.

Purpose-driven candidates. Over 70% will forgo the highest salary if another opportunity is a better overall fit.

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Add as many open positions you like. Get specific with skills and experience to help us deliver precise matches straight to your inbox.

Not sure what positions to fill? Just ask. Your dedicated account manager is there to assist you every step of the way.

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Skip The Phone Screen. View candidates’ evaluated skills, salary requirements, education, verified references, work authorization, and complete work experience up-front.

Schedule interviews or reject candidates who are not a fit with just a few clicks.

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Streamline the interview process and present an enthusiastic offer to the right fit in just a few days.

Once you find a candidate you like, your dedicated account manager helps you ensure that you make that critical first connection.

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We help you hire faster

An empty seat is 2-3 times more expensive than a salary. 3Slopes finds your next hire in under 5 days on average—saving you time, money, and hassle.

Access to untapped talents

Expand your reach into new pools of quality candidates.

Pre-screened candidates

Hire the most capable candidates with assessments that test actual skills.

Responsive talent

We only deliver candidates who are actively looking for the right opportunity.

Human expertise

Our talent experts support you with unbiased advice and proprietary insights.

Hiring Options

We are more cost-effective than traditional recruiters and other sourcing tools — with no hidden costs.
  • Short-Term

    Big project, small tasks, short staff; our vast network of freelancers are ready to land you a hand.

    Pay up to 20% of your hire's pay.

  • Temp-to-Hire

    It’s like a test drive for candidates. Work with them before you make a long-term commitment.

    Pay up to 15% of your hire's pay.

  • Direct Hire

    There’s a lot of pressure to make the right permanent hire. Just take that pressure and put it right on us.

    Pay up to 10% of your hire's first year base salary.

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