About 3Slopes

3Slopes is a talent management platform. 3Slopes enables entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to launch and manage businesses, businesses to hire the best talents better and faster, and equips people with the skills they need to work in their dream jobs. The SaaS business platform powers thousands of organizations in various industries globally. More than 1,500 entrepreneurs have used the business platform to launch their business and are thriving, and over 10,000 job positions have been filled in thousands of organizations of all sizes using 3Slopes.

3Slopes began in 2012 as a small technology company with a mission to bring better healthcare and security to underdeveloped countries using innovative technologies. 3Slopes is based in Miramar, Florida, with offices in cities across North America and plans to expand into new geographies and industries. For more information, news and tips for entrepreneurs, employers and job seekers, visit 3Slopes's blog.